‘Give thanks to the Lord of All, for the Lord is good. His loving-kindness lasts forever.’ Jeremiah 33:11

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Week 2 objective: to think about God deserving worship because he is great and does great things.

Game - 7 mins
Beware of allergies make sure it is safe for the children to handle all the items used in this activity. 

Aim: to play a game that involves describing things before talking about words we can use to describe God. 
You will need: hand wipes, a small piece of paper, six plastic bowls, six tea-towels, six items from the ‘What am I?’ list (see Printables) and a record sheet (see Printables).

Place each of your six chosen items in separate bowls. Cover each bowl with a tea-towel. Place the covered bowls on a low table. Explain to the children that you would like them to describe what is in each bowl using only two words. 

As an example, hold up the piece of paper, then tell the children that you might use the words ‘flat’ and ‘smooth’ to describe the paper. 

Tell the children that they will not be allowed to look in the bowl but must feel the items with their hands only. Ask for a volunteer. Select a bowl and allow the volunteer to lift the tea-towel slightly so that they can place their hands in the bowl but not see the items. Ask them to describe what is in the bowl using two words – discourage the children from naming the items, even if they think they know what they are. 

One at a time, allow other volunteers to feel and describe the contents of the remaining bowls. Record the children’s descriptions. If you have more children than items, allow some items to be ‘examined’ two or three times. It doesn’t matter if the children use the same describing words.

Talk about - 6 mins
You will need: a whiteboard or a large sheet of paper, marker pens and a Bible.

Before the session write the verse on a whiteboard or a large sheet of paper. 

Talk about the game. Talk about the words people used to describe the things in the bowls. Ask the children what words people might use to describe them – they might be words that describe what they are good at doing or things they enjoy such as ‘fun’ and ‘sporty’. You might want to spend some time together thinking about kind and encouraging things to describe each of the children in your group. Make sure the children understand that they must only say kind words.  

Ask the children what words people might use to describe God, or what words he might use to describe himself. Underline the words ‘good’ and ‘loving-kindness’ in the verse. Explain that the person who wrote this verse described God as good and said that his loving-kindness goes on forever. Briefly explain that ‘loving-kindness’ means doing kind things because of love. 

Ask the children why they think the writer of this verse wanted people to know what God is like?

Remind the children that last week we started to think about what it means to worship God. Quickly write the word ‘worship’ next to the verse. We learnt that worship is when a person or group of people show God how much they adore him by doing things they know he loves. Draw a heart around the word ‘worship’. If you have time recap some of the things Christians do as part of their worship such as singing to God, praising him, helping others etc. Underline the word ‘thanks’ in the verse as you remind the children that God loves it when people say thank you to him. Many Christians say thank you to God as part of their worship. 

Ask the children why they think Christians choose to worship God. Listen to the children's answers and respond positively. Explain that Christians worship God because they believe he deserves to be worshipped. Spend a very brief moment explaining what the word ‘deserve’ means. Talk about people getting an award or prize for doing well. They get the prize because they deserve it - they have done well and deserve to be rewarded. Christians believe God deserves worship because he is great and does great things. 

Explain that this verse tells us that God deserves to be worshipped because he is good and his loving-kindness lasts forever. Circle the words ‘good’ and ‘loving-kindness’ in the verse.

As you summarise suggest that another way of saying this verse is: ‘‘Worship God by saying a big ‘thank you’. He deserves to be worshipped because he is very, very good and he does kind things because of his great love’’. 

Song - 2 mins
To the tune ‘Ten fat sausages’

    Give thanks to the Lord,
    For the Lord of all is good,
    Give thanks to the Lord,
    For the Lord of all is good,
    His loving-kindness lasts forever and ever,
    Give thanks to the Lord.
    For the Lord of all is good.

As you say ‘good’ do a ‘thumbs-up’ sign. 
As you say ‘loving-kindness’ give yourself a hug. 
As you say ‘forever’ roll your hands over and over.

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