‘Give all your worries to Him because He cares for you.’ 1 Peter 5:7


Week 1 objectives: to discover that Peter wrote ‘1 Peter’, a letter to Christians that were suffering, and to remind the children that Peter was a fisherman before he became one of Jesus’ disciples.

Game - 7 mins
Aims: to play a game about fishing.
You will need: fish templates (see Printables), glue or double-sided tape, cardboard or plastic boxes, garden netting or marker pens and plain A4 paper, clothes pegs, string (optional), spare t-shirts and ‘How to decorate a fishing box’ instructions (see Printables).

Before the session print and cut out enough fish templates for five per child. Stick the fish to the pegs to make ‘peg-fish’ as shown in the picture. If you have fewer than four children and intend to play the quieter game, you will need double the number of peg-fish. Follow the instructions to decorate two boxes to look like fishing nets. Divide your group into two teams. If a child isn’t wearing a t-shirt or jumper give them a spare t-shirt to put on over the top of their clothes. Show the children how to attach the ‘peg-fish’ to the hem of their t-shirt/jumper. Explain that the children need to try and ‘catch’ the fish from the opposing team by gently pulling them off their clothing and placing them in their team’s fishing box. While a child is removing fish from another player they will need to try and avoid their own peg-fish being taken. After two or three minutes draw the game to a close and count how many fish are in each team’s box. The team with more fish is the winning team.

For a quieter fishy game see Printables.

Talk about - 6 mins
You will need: a large sheet of paper or a whiteboard, Bibles and marker pens.

Before the session write the verse on the sheet of paper or whiteboard.

Read the verse aloud and explain that this verse will help us learn more about God’s love and protection. Underline the reference. Tell the children that this verse can be found in Peter’s first letter. The letter is called ‘1 Peter’. Ask one of the older children to find Peter’s first letter in the Bible.

Draw a smiley face on the board next to the reference and write the name Peter underneath. Explain that Peter was one of Jesus’ first disciples. He and his brother Andrew were fishermen. Draw a second smiley face and a couple of fish next to the reference. Many times Simon Peter is mentioned in the Gospels. You may already know that he walked on water with Jesus (Matthew 14:27–31)* and found money inside a fish’s mouth (Matthew 17:24–27).

But Peter made mistakes too: he cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant (Matthew 26:51) and denied knowing Jesus (Matthew 26:69–75)*. Peter used to be called Simon. One day Jesus changed Simon’s name to Peter. ‘You are Peter’, said Jesus. Peter means ‘rock’. Draw a rock shape next to the verse. Peter was given his new name because he understood who Jesus was; he understood that Jesus was the Son of God.

Knowing who Jesus is, is like having a sturdy rock that something can be built on. Jesus said the whole church would be built on Peter’s understanding of who he is (Matt 16:13–20).

After Jesus went up to heaven Peter wrote a letter to help Christians who were suffering. Show the children the book of 1 Peter and the first line of Peter’s letter. The Christians were living in the place we now call Turkey. They were suffering because they believed in Jesus. They believed that, with the powerful help of the Holy Spirit, they could learn and grow to be more like Jesus. People were unkind to the Christians. They wanted to catch them and stop them speaking about what they believed. Peter wrote a letter full of joy, encouraging the Christians to trust God through their difficult times. Draw a simple envelope next to the verse.

Remind the children that when Peter wrote this verse he was writing about God’s love and protection. Explain that next week we will talk more about this verse.

* Pictures for these stories can be found on pages 322, 372 respectively of The Children’s Bible in 365 stories.

Song - 2 mins
To the tune ‘Skip to my Lou’:

Give, give your worries to him,
Give, give your worries to him,
Give, give your worries to him,
Because he cares for you.

One Peter, five verse seven,
One Peter, five verse seven,
One Peter, five verse seven,
Because he cares for you.

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