'You know where I go and where I lie down. You know everything I do. ' Psalm 139:3

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Week 4 objectives: to remember that God sees us wherever we are and to think about God knowing what’s best for each of us because he knows everything.

Game - 7 mins
Aim: to play a game where not everything is seen.
You will need: masking tape.

Before the session stick a strip of masking tape to the floor as far away from a wall as your space allows. This will be the starting line.

Ask for a volunteer to be 'it'. 'It' stands facing the wall. The remaining children stand behind the starting line. The children need to try to creep up on 'it' and touch the wall while his/her back is turned. However, whenever 'it' chooses he/she may turn around and look at the children. Whenever 'it' is looking, the children must stand still like statues, frozen in the position they are in. To make the game harder 'it' can briefly wander amongst the 'statues' checking for any movement. If 'it' sees a statue move they are out and need to sit at the side. When 'it' has finished wandering amongst the statues he/she will return to face the wall. The children should begin to creep forward again, being aware that every time 'it' turns around they must freeze. The first child to reach the wall is the winner.

If you would like a different activity, play 'the tray game'. Place around twenty small items on a tray (e.g. a teaspoon, a rubber band, a CD, a pen, a bar of soap etc); allow the children to have a good look at the items. Cover the tray with a tea towel and without the children seeing, carefully take away one of the items. Remove the tea towel and encourage the children to work out what item has been removed. When they guess correctly or give up, replace the item and the tea towel and take away a different item; remove the tea towel and encourage the children to have another go at guessing which item was taken.

Talk about - 6 mins
You will need: a large sheet of paper or whiteboard, marker pens and a Bible.

Before the session write the Bible verse on the paper or whiteboard.

Read the verse aloud and underline the phrase ‘You know where I go’.

If you played the ‘statues game’ briefly talk about ‘it’ only seeing the people when he/she turned around. If you played the ‘tray game’ briefly talk about the players being unable to see what was taken from the tray. Remind the children that last week we learnt that Christians believe there isn’t anywhere they can go where God can’t look after them.

Underline the phrase ‘You know everything I do’. Spend some time talking about how much God knows. Talk about the Bible teaching that God knows all there is to know. Remind the children that Christians believe God created each of us. Help the children to think about God knowing so much more than we do. Think about God knowing more about us than we do. Talk about some of the things the children don’t know about themselves such as: what were their great-great-grandparents like? What will their job be when they are a grown-up? What presents will they get for their next birthday? Ask the children if they think God knows the answers to these questions. Explain that Christians believe that because God knows everything about everybody and everything, he always knows what is best for each and every person.

If you have time play another game…
You will need: a wooden spoon.

Explain that you are going to quickly play a game where the children try and guess what the others had for breakfast.

Ask for a volunteer. Give the volunteer the wooden spoon to raise in the air. Everyone needs to try and guess what the volunteer had for breakfast. If someone gets it right the volunteer puts the spoon down. If you have time ask for another volunteer to raise the spoon, and everyone guesses what they ate for breakfast.

Explain to the children that God knows exactly what each one of us had for breakfast because he is everywhere and he knows everything.

Finally remind the children that over the last few weeks we have been learning that the Bible teaches that God is a loving God who is good (do a thumbs-up sign), powerful (flex your arm muscles) and wise (place your fist against your forehead in a thinking-man pose). Point to the following phrases in the verse: ‘where I go’ and ‘everything I do’ as you explain that Christians believe that wherever they are and whatever they are doing, God, because of his goodness and love, is looking after them (do a thumbs-up sign); he is working powerfully in their lives (flex your arm muscle) and he knows exactly what is best for them (place your fist against your forehead).

Song - 2 mins
To the tune 'A sailor went to sea, sea, sea'

You kno-ow where I go, go, go.
You know where I lie down, down ,down.
You know everything I do, do, do.
Psalm one, three, nine verse three, three, three.

Some children may enjoy a clapping game. Encourage the children to sit in a circle alternately clapping their hands then tapping their legs. As you sing ‘go, go, go’ simultaneously clap hands with the person on either side, pushing your hands out to the side to meet theirs. As you sing ‘lie down, down’, put your hands together and tuck them under your head like a pillow. As you sing 'do, do, do' clap hands with the people on your right and left again. When you sing ‘three, three, three’ shout as loud as you can!

Try and make the song age-appropriate, perhaps rapping it with older children or saying it to a beat. Some older children may enjoy the clapping game if it is done extremely fast! 

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