'You know where I go and where I lie down. You know everything I do. ' Psalm 139:3


Week 5 objective: to think about God being everywhere; he is always with us wherever we go.

Game - 7 mins
Aim: to play a game where the children go everywhere with a partner.
You will need: scarves, some thick pens of different colours, a bottle or cup of drinking water, hula-hoops and/or two meter lengths of thin rope.

Before the session place three or four different coloured marker pens in a corner of the room away from where you sit to talk to the children. In the opposite corner (again away from where you will be sitting) place a bottle or cup of drinking water.

As soon as the children arrive ask for two volunteers to have their legs tied together (as if they were about to do a three-legged race). Explain that they will be playing a game later so encourage them to come and sit down. Just as they sit down ask one of them if they could get a red pen from across the other side of the room. (Obviously as they go and get the pen their 'partner' will need to go with them!)

When they return with the pen thank them then encourage them to sit down. Just as they sit down say to the same person that actually you are rather thirsty and could they get you a drink of water. Point to the far side of the room where your drink of water is.

When the children return thank them and again encourage them to sit down. If everybody, including the volunteers, are finding this funny you could ask them to go and swap your pen for a different colour – but make sure that the volunteers are not getting fed up. Once the volunteers have finished the tasks encourage them to rejoin the group.

You may want to inform the children that you will be explaining what the volunteers were doing in a little while.

Ask the remaining children to get into pairs. Tie a leg of each pair together using the scarves. Set up a simple assault course by making wiggly paths with the ropes and/or scattering hoops around the floor. You could have hoops that the children have to step into then lift over their heads. Encourage the pairs to take it in turns to weave around the course.

Talk about - 6 mins
You will need: a large sheet of paper or whiteboard, marker pens and a Bible.

Before the session write the Bible verse on the paper or whiteboard.

Read the verse aloud. Underline the reference and remind the children that King David wrote this verse. Ask one of the children to quickly find the book of Psalms. Explain that this verse can be found in Psalm 139 from the book of Psalms. Explain that the book of Psalms is full of songs written to or about God.

Write the words ‘good’, ‘powerful’ and ‘wise’ next to the verse. Remind the children that over the last few weeks we have been learning that the Bible teaches that God is a loving God who is good (do a thumbs-up sign), powerful (flex your arm muscles) and wise (place your fist against your forehead in a thinking-man pose). Point to the following phrases in the verse: ‘where I go’ and ‘everything I do’ as you explain that Christians believe that wherever they are and whatever they are doing, God, because of his goodness and love, is looking after them (do a thumbs-up sign); he is working powerfully in their lives (flex your arm muscle) and he knows exactly what is best for them (place your fist against your forehead).

Underline the phrase ‘You know everything I do’. Remind the children that the Bible teaches that God knows everything there is to know. Christians believe that because God knows everything about everybody and everything, he always knows what is best for each and every person.

Underline the phrase ‘You know where I go’. Remind the children that Christians believe God can always see people; they believe there is nowhere they can go where God can’t look after them.

Remind the children of the two people who had their legs tied together at the beginning of the session. Talk about how when one of them went across the room to get the pen, the other went too. When he/she went to get the water, again the other person went too.

Explain that not only does the Bible teach that God sees people wherever they are, Christians believe that by his Holy Spirit, God is everywhere all the time; they believe that wherever they are God is there with them. The Bible teaches that when we go to school he is there, when we go on holiday he is there, when we are at home he is there, when we go to somebody else's house he is there. The Bible teaches that although people cannot see God, he is always with them and has promised to never leave people on their own.

Remind the children again that the Bible teaches that just as their partner went everywhere with them during the game, so God is everywhere they go.

Song - 2 mins
To the tune 'A sailor went to sea, sea, sea'

You kno-ow where I go, go, go.
You know where I lie down, down ,down.
You know everything I do, do, do.
Psalm one, three, nine verse three, three, three.

Some children may enjoy a clapping game. Encourage the children to sit in a circle alternately clapping their hands then tapping their legs. As you sing ‘go, go, go’ simultaneously clap hands with the person on either side, pushing your hands out to the side to meet theirs. As you sing ‘lie down, down’, put your hands together and tuck them under your head like a pillow. As you sing 'do, do, do' clap hands with the people on your right and left again. When you sing ‘three, three, three’ shout as loud as you can!

Try and make the song age-appropriate, perhaps rapping it with older children or saying it to a beat. Some older children may enjoy the clapping game if it is done extremely fast! 

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