‘Therefore go and make disciples in all the nations,’ Matthew 28:19a

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Week 4 objective: to think about the Gospel and how it might be explained.

Talk about - 8 mins
Aim: to remind the children that we can tell people what being a Christian means to us by talking about the Gospel.
You will need: a large sheet of paper or a whiteboard, marker pen, ‘Four points of the gospel’ sheet (see Printables) and ‘Four points of the gospel’ explanation sheet (see Printables) .

Write the verse on the whiteboard or paper. Read the verse aloud and underline the phrase ‘make disciples in all the nations’. Ask the children why they think Jesus said ‘in all the nations’. Explain that Jesus has invited everybody everywhere to follow him – not just one group of people but everybody in every country.

Briefly remind the children that previously we have learnt that disciples are Christians who, with the help of the Holy Spirit are learning and growing to be like Jesus. Last week we found out that ‘making disciples’ means helping other people become disciples. Explain that one way to help people become disciples is to show and tell them what being a Christian means to us. Remind the children that we talked about how the Apostle Paul told people over and over again the good news about being a Christian.

Ask the children if they can remember the ‘Four points of the gospel’ that we looked at last week. Use the ‘Four points of the gospel’ explanation sheet to explain to the children how the four signs help tell the good news about being a Christian.

Game - 5 mins
You will need: lots of balloons (plain balloons will be suitable however balloons with the 4POINTS of the gospel are available from the website the4points.com), ‘Four points of the gospel’ sheet (see Printables), masking tape and a low table or a rug.

Before the session photocopy sufficient pages of ‘Four points of the gospel’ for one set between two children. Cut out the boxes. Stick a strip of masking tape to the floor at one end of your teaching space – this will be the starting line. At the other end place the low table or rug. Place the cut-out boxes on the table or rug, making sure the signs are mixed up but facing upwards.

Ask the children to get into pairs then stand behind the start line. Explain that you are going to have a waddling relay race. During the race each pair will need to collect all four points of the gospel. Encourage the pairs to decide who will be their first runner. The runner will then need to place a balloon between their knees so that they can only waddle to the table and back. When you shout ‘Go’ the first runner should waddle to the table and pick up one of the points of the gospel (it doesn’t matter which ‘point’ they pick up first) then take it back to their partner behind the starting line. The second runner of each pair should then put the balloon between their knees and waddle to the table to collect a second point. On returning to the starting line the first runner should put the balloon between their knees, and so on until each pair has collected all four points of the gospel.

Once a pair has all four points they should try and place them in the correct order. The first team to collect all four points is the winning team. You could award bonus points for teams that can tell you what the points mean.

Song - 2 mins
To the tune ‘London's burning’.

Therefore go and make disciples,
In all the nations, all the nations,
Therefore go, therefore go,
Make disciples, make disciples.

Look up on the internet the sign language for the words: ‘make’, ‘disciples’, ‘go’ and ‘nations’. Teach the signs to the children and do them together as you sing or say the verse. 

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