‘and whatever you do, do it with kindness and love.’ 1 Corinthians 16:14


Week 1 objective: to learn that this verse comes from one of Paul’s letters to the church at Corinth and to discover that in total there were four letters sent to this church. 

Game - 7 mins
Aim:  to help the children remember that Paul sent four letters in total to the Church at Corinth.
You will need: four envelopes and sticky tape.

Ask for a volunteer to be a ‘postman’. Encourage the children to sit in a circle on the floor with their eyes closed. The ‘postman’ should walk behind the children pretending to stick envelopes on their backs.

He/she should be as convincing as possible, pressing at the top of the envelope as if applying a piece of tape. However the ‘postman’ should actually stick envelopes on four of the children’s backs using small pieces of sticky tape. When the postman has walked around the circle he/she should stand in the middle and ask the children to stand up if they think they have a letter attached to their back, or remain seated if think they have not received a letter. The children should then check to see if they have or have not received a letter. If they guessed incorrectly they are out. If they guessed correctly they can remain in the game. Those still in the game should sit back down in the circle. A new ‘postman’ should be selected.

Note - If you have fewer than six children in the circle use only three envelopes. If you have fewer than four children use only two envelopes. If you have fewer than three children use only one envelope. After the first round use the number of envelopes appropriate for the remaining number of children. 

Talk about - 6 mins
You will need: a large sheet of paper or a whiteboard, marker pens and a Bible. 

Before the session write the verse on the whiteboard or paper. 

Underline the reference. Explain that ‘1 Corinthians’ is a letter written by the Apostle Paul to a church in the city of Corinth.  Tell the children a little bit about why Paul wrote the letter. 

Around that time many Corinthians (people living in Corinth) wanted to please only themselves. They treated others badly while they found ways to make themselves happier. When the Apostle Paul visited, some of the Corinthians became Christians. The Christians in the city began to meet together but after a while they started to behave badly again; they became greedy and once more thought only of themselves.  Soon there were all sorts of problems in the church: fighting, arguing and selfish behaviour. The Church in Corinth was in a terrible mess and the Apostle Paul was no longer in the city to help them. 

When Paul heard about the troubles he wrote a letter. ‘Dear Corinthians, this is the Apostle Paul writing to you. Please try to get on with one another – it’s so important’. Paul’s letter was long. He wanted them to understand how to live God's way, a way that is kind and caring to everyone. Point to the verse as you read it aloud and explain that, towards the end of his letter, Paul wrote ‘and whatever you do, do it with kindness and love’.

Show the children the envelopes used in the game. Ask an older child to flick through a Bible quickly and find out how many letters were sent to the Church at Corinth. Explain that although only two letters are included in the Bible Paul did in fact send four letters. Write ‘1 Corinthians’ on one envelope and ‘2 Corinthians’ on another. Place the envelopes on the floor or table in front of you. Explain that two letters have been lost. One letter was written before ‘1 Corinthians’ (place a blank envelope in front of the ‘1 Corinthians’ envelope) and the other was written afterwards but before ‘2 Corinthians’ (place the other blank envelope between the ‘1 Corinthians’ and ‘2 Corinthians’ envelopes).  

Explain that next week we will learn more about what this verse tells us about living God’s way.

Song - 2 mins
To the tune ‘How much is that Doggie in the Window?’ 

    Dear C’rinthians whatever you are doing
    Do it with kindness and love
    Dear C’rinthians whatever you are doing
    Do it with kindness and love

    Dear Christians whatever you are doing
    Do it with kindness and love
    Dear Christians whatever you are doing
    Do it with kindness and love.


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