‘I remember what the Lord did. I remember the miracles you did long ago.’ Psalm 77:11


Week 1 objectives: to learn that this verse comes from the book of Psalms and that Psalm 77 was written by a musician called Asaph.

Game - 7 mins
Aims: to think about sleeping before talking about Asaph being so miserable that he couldn't sleep.

Play a game of sleeping lions. Encourage the children to lie down on the floor as still as possible with their eyes closed. Walk around the children  checking to see if any one of them is moving. If anyone does move they are ‘out’ and need to join you walking around the ‘sleeping’ children. As you walk around the children you could attempt to make them laugh by telling jokes.  

Talk about - 6 mins
Before the session write the verse on a whiteboard or a large sheet of paper. Draw a stick man next to the verse. Draw the stick man’s mouth as a short horizontal straight line.

Read the verse aloud and explain that this verse will help us learn more about the Bible. Underline the reference and explain that this verse is part of a song called a psalm. Psalms are poems or songs that are either to God or about Him. Draw a couple of musical notes next to the verse. Find Psalm 77 in a Bible or ask an older child to find it. As you are finding the Psalm explain that…
1. The book of Psalms is the longest book in the Bible.
2. There are 150 Psalms.
3. ‘Psalms’ is in the Old Testament part and roughly in the middle of the Bible – so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find!
Point out verse 11 of Psalm 77. 

Explain that this psalm was written by a man called Asaph. Write ‘Asaph’ underneath your stick man. Asaph was one of King David’s musicians; he wrote this psalm when he was feeling sad. Use a pencil/wipeable pen to make the stick man’s mouth into a ‘sad mouth’. Remind the children that during the game they were pretending to be asleep. Explain that in this psalm Asaph wrote that he couldn’t sleep because he was feeling so miserable. 

In the second part of the psalm Asaph tells us what he did to feel better. He thought about all the wonderful things God had done: he remembered God’s miracles. As Asaph remembered what God had done for other people, he remembered that God is powerful and loving – he remembered that God would look after him too. When he had finished writing his song Asaph felt much happier. Rub out the sad face on your stick man and give him a smile.

Thinking about what God had done made Asaph feel better because he remembered that God would look after him too. 

Introduce the idea that we can find out about what God has done in the Bible. Explain that we will be learning more about the Bible next week.

Song - 2 mins
To the tune ‘Here we go round the Mulberry Bush’.

    Lord, I’ll remember what you did, 
    What you did, what you did.
    Lord, I’ll remember what you did, 
    Long, long ago.

    Yes, I’ll remember your miracles, 
    Miracles, miracles.
    Yes, I’ll remember your miracles of
    Long, long ago.

    Psalm 77, verse 11, 
    Verse 11, verse11. 
    Psalm 77, verse 11,
    Long, long ago.

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