‘Every Scripture is God-breathed…’ 2 Timothy 3:16


Week 4 objective: to discover that the Bible is like a plumb-line; Christians check they are living God's way by looking in the Bible and asking the Holy Spirit to be with them when they read it.

Challenge - 7 mins
Aims: to play a game that involves drawing a line then checking it against a plumb-line. 
You will need: a large whiteboard or a roll of lining paper, scissors, sticky tac, marker pens and a plumb-line (if you don't have a purpose made plumb-line create one by tying a ‘heavy’ object such as a role of tape to a long piece of string). 

If you don’t have a whiteboard cut the roll of lining paper into one metre lengths. You will need a metre length of paper for each child in your group. During the session use sticky tac to stick a length of paper vertically to the wall.

Ask for a volunteer. Explain to the volunteer that they need to try and draw a straight line from the top of the paper/whiteboard to the bottom. 

After each child has had a go use the plumb-line to see how straight their line was. Make sure you and your helper have a go too. If you are using paper rather than a whiteboard you will need to stick a clean piece of paper to the wall after each child has had a go.

Talk about - 8 mins
You will need: a whiteboard or a large sheet of paper, marker pens and a Bible. 

Before the session write the verse on the whiteboard or paper. 

Quickly underline the word ‘Scripture’ and remind the children that ‘Scripture’ means everything that is written in the Bible. Underline the phrase ‘God-breathed’. Remind the children that everything in the Bible is God-breathed. Christians believe that although the Bible was written by many different writers everything in the Bible comes from God; the Bible is a special work of the Holy Spirit and it says what God wants it to say. Christians call the Bible ‘God’s Word’ or ‘The Word of God’ because they believe that what the Bible says is what God says. 

Remind the children that Christians believe that the Bible is God’s way of telling people about himself; it is God talking to people, describing himself, telling people about his goodness, his power and his wisdom, what he likes and doesn’t like. Because Christians believe that the Bible is from and about God they read it and remember what it says so that they can learn and understand more about God, his great power and his love.

Talk about the game the children have just played. Explain that it is really difficult to draw a straight line. Tell the children that builders find it difficult to build in a straight line too which is why they use plumb-lines. Show the children the plumb-line and discuss how it works. Describe how the plumb-line is always right because the string is always in a straight line. Talk about how a builder will re-build a wall if it is not as straight as the plumb-line. 

Talk about how Christians want to make sure they are living the way God wants them to live. The Bible is like a plumb-line to Christians. Because Christians believe the Bible is God’s word and it is impossible for God to lie they believe the Bible is always right and true. Like a plumb-line shows a builder a true and straight line, the Bible shows Christians how to live God’s way. Christians check they are living God's way by looking in the Bible and asking the Holy Spirit to be with them as they read it.

If you have time, with older children you might want to talk briefly about Christians not always agreeing on every part of the Bible. Although Christians believe that the Bible is God’s Word, sometimes they have different thoughts and ideas about what parts of the Bible mean. When Christians read some parts of the Bible, some think God is saying one thing and others think he is saying something else. Explain that Christians might not agree on the meaning of every verse, but it is important to remember that there are many parts of the Bible that Christians do agree on and believe to be clear. Here are four examples:

1. Jesus is God the Son
2. Jesus lived, died and rose again so that we can become close friends with God
3. People who have said ‘Yes’ to God’s love and forgiveness are Christians
4. God’s way of living is to love him and love others.

As this is the last week, cover up the Bible verse and ask the children if anyone can say it from memory. Help the children if they get stuck. If you have rubber stampers and tickets stamp the tickets belonging to children who can say the Bible verse. Include those who needed some help.

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