‘Every Scripture is God-breathed…’ 2 Timothy 3:16


Week 2 objective: to discover that the Bible is from God. God guided the writers and showed them by His Holy Spirit what He wanted them to write. 

Challenge - 6 mins
Aims: to play a game that involves blowing through a straw to move a feather before talking about Scripture being God-breathed. 
You will need: enough drinking straws for one per child, coloured craft feathers, masking tape, textboxes - enough for one set between two children (see Printables), tables and chairs. 

Before the session cut out the textboxes. 

Encourage the children to get into pairs and sit up to the table. Each child should sit opposite their partner. 

In front of each child, at a distance of about 15 cm from the edge of the table place a 30 cm strip of masking tape. The tape needs to run parallel to the edge of the table. Give each child a drinking straw. Place a feather between each pair in the middle of the table. 

Explain to the children that they need to try and blow the feather across their opponent’s strip of tape.

Give each child a straw. After three minutes of playing with the feather give each pair a set of textboxes and ask the children to position the boxes so that they can read the verse. Explain that the children are not allowed to use their hands but should move the pieces of paper by blowing through their straws. 

Talk about - 7 mins
You will need: a whiteboard or a large sheet of paper, marker pens and a Bible. 

Before the session write the verse on the whiteboard or paper. 

Remind the children that last week we learnt that the Bible is a collection of story books, poetry books, instruction books, and letters about God. Remind the children that there are 66 books in the Bible. We learnt that the Bible wasn’t written by one person but many people, in fact the Bible was written by around 40 writers.

Underline the reference to the verse. Explain that this verse can be found in the second letter to Timothy. The letter was written by the Apostle Paul to his friend Timothy. Find ‘2 Timothy’ in the Bible. 

Underline the word ‘breathed’ in the verse. Remind the children that last week we learnt that ‘Scripture’ means everything written in the Bible. Explain that in this verse Paul tells Timothy something really important about the Scriptures. He tells him that every scripture is God-breathed. Ask the children if they know what that might mean. 

Refer back to the game the children played with the feathers. Talk about how our breath comes from deep inside us. What Paul was saying is that everything written in the Bible is from God. People wrote the words down but God guided the writers and showed them by his Holy Spirit what he wanted them to write. Christians believe that the Bible is a very special work of the Holy Spirit and it says what God wants it to say. As Christians are so sure that what the Bible says is what God says, they call the Bible ‘God’s Word’ or ‘The Word of God’. Ask the children if they have heard the Bible called this before.

Talk briefly about God revealing who he is and what he is like through the Bible. Just as we might describe to someone what we are like in a letter or an email, Christians believe the Bible is God’s way of telling people about himself. Christians believe that through the Bible, God is telling people about his goodness, his power and his wisdom, what he likes and doesn’t like. Because Christians believe that the Bible is from and about God they read it and remember what it says so that they can learn and understand more about God, his great power and his love.

If you have time talk about Christians asking the Holy Spirit to be with them when they read the Bible. Explain that some parts of the Bible might seem difficult to understand, however Christians believe that if they ask God the Holy Spirit to be with them when they listen to or read the Bible, he will bring the stories and the writing ‘alive’. Just as the Holy Spirit did a special work with the people that wrote the Bible, Christians believe he will do a special work when people read it too. Many Christians choose to trust that the Holy Spirit will help them with the parts of the Bible they don’t fully understand yet.

Song - 2 mins
To the tune ‘Ten fat sausages’

    Every Scripture i_is God-breathed, every Scripture i_is God-breathed
    The second letter to Timothy chapter 3:16
    Says... every Scripture is God-breathed. 

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