‘The Helper is the Holy Spirit. The Father will send Him in My place. He will teach you everything and help you remember everything I have told you.’ John 14:26

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Week 5 objective: to understand that the Holy Spirit is the Helper; he helps Christians remember the things Jesus taught.

Game - 8 mins
Aim: to play a remembering game and begin to think about how we remember things. 
You will need: a short children’s story book that will take around five minutes to read, or a short video clip (make sure you comply with copyright regulations) and a question sheet (see Printables). 

Before the session write down ten to fifteen questions about the story or video clip on the question sheet. Write down an incorrect answer and a correct answer for every question. Stick a strip of masking tape down the centre of your teaching space. 

Play the video clip or read the story to the children. Ask the children to line up along the strip of masking tape. Choose one side of the line to be ‘side A’ and the other to be ‘side B’. Explain to the children that you are going to ask questions about the story/video clip. Give the children the two answers. If the children think ‘A’ is the correct answer they should stand on side ‘A’ and vice versa. When all the children are standing on either side ‘A’ or ‘B’ tell them the correct answer. The children who guessed incorrectly should miss a turn. If you would rather all the children remained in the game simply congratulate the children for getting the questions right.  

Talk about - 7 mins
You will need: a large sheet of paper or a whiteboard, marker pens, a Bible, ‘3 in 1’ symbol (see Printables) and Dig deeper (see Printables).

On the whiteboard write the verse. Cover the verse with a sheet of paper. On the paper draw a large circle. (If you don't have a whiteboard use two sheets of paper.) Divide the circle you have drawn into thirds and stick the textboxes in the circle, as shown by the ‘3 in 1’ symbol.

Quickly remind the children that the Bible teaches that there is one true God, three parts; God is three in one. Refer to the ‘3 in 1’ symbol as you explain that the parts of God are called Persons. The three Persons of God are God the Father, God the Son (whom we call Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. Each of the Persons is fully God. The three Persons are so perfectly joined they are one. Hold up one finger, then three fingers, then one again as you explain that there is one God and he is three in one. 

Talk about the game the children have just played. Talk about how easy or difficult it was to remember the details of the story or video clip. Ask the children what might help them to remember the details more easily. 

Underline the phrase ‘He will’ and ‘help you remember everything I have told you’. When Jesus lived on the earth he told the disciples many, many things. The disciples listened carefully to what he said because they wanted to learn and grow to be like him. But one day Jesus would go back to heaven. How then would the disciples remember everything they had been told?

When Jesus said these words he was explaining to the disciples that the Holy Spirit would help them to remember.

Underline the phrase ‘The Helper is the Holy Spirit’. Remind the children that last week we learnt that the Holy Spirit helped the disciples to live God's way. Briefly talk about how Christians believe the Holy Spirit still helps them to live God's way today.

Remind the children that another word for ‘helper’ is ‘comforter’, ‘someone who comes alongside’. Underline the phrase ‘teach them’. Last week we learnt that the Holy Spirit comes alongside Christians to teach and guide them. Circle the word ‘remember’. Explain that this verse also tells us that the Holy Spirit can help Christians remember what Jesus taught. 

Finally underline again the words ‘help’ and ‘teach’. Summarise by explaining that the Holy Spirit helps, teaches and guides Christians so that they can learn and grow to become more and more like Jesus; to be more peaceful, patient and kind. As the Holy Spirit helps Christians become more like Jesus, more and more they are able to live God's way.

If you didn't have the opportunity to do so last week, with older children you might want to dig deeper (see Printables) into the topic of the Holy Spirit and how he helps Christians live God’s way.

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