‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. Zechariah 4:6

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Week 5 objective: to discover that Christians believe the Holy Spirit helps them to live God's way. 

Game - 7 mins
Aim: to play a game where the children try and roll a coin along a strip of tape.
You will need: pound coins, a pen and masking tape.

Stick a long strip (at least two metres) of masking tape to the floor or a table. Ask for a volunteer to sit at one end of the tape. Encourage the volunteer to roll a coin along the strip without moving from their position. If the children find it too difficult to roll a coin allow them to use the roll of masking tape - encourage them to roll the masking tape along the strip instead. The children should observe the coin/masking tape travelling along the strip to start with but then falling over or veering to one side. Allow each child to have a couple of turn at rolling the coin/tape. With a small group you could mark on the tape the furthest point the coins reach. 

Talk about - 8 mins

You will need: ‘3 in 1’ symbol (see Printables), ‘3 Persons’ textboxes (see Printables), The Holy Spirit arrow (see Printables), The Bible Curriculum Life of Jesus Flashcards (visit www.thebiblecurriculum.com), a whiteboard, one or two big sheets of paper (see below), sticky tac and marker pens. 

Before the session write the Bible verse on the whiteboard or paper. Cover the verse with a second sheet of paper. On the paper draw a large circle. Divide the circle and stick the textboxes in the relevant sections, as shown by the ‘3 in 1' symbol.

Quickly remind the children that God is three in One. Hold up three fingers then one. The three Persons of God are God the Father, God the Son (whom we call Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. Explain that the Persons of God are so perfectly joined they are one. There is one God and he is three in One. The Bible teaches that because the Holy Spirit is one of the Persons of God he is God. He is real and living. He is good, powerful and wise. He is loving, joyful and peaceful. 

Open a Bible between the New Testament and the Old Testament. Point to the relevant parts of the Bible as you remind the children that during Old Testament times the Holy Spirit came upon people to give them power to do jobs they couldn't do on their own. But during New Testament times the Holy Spirit came to be with people in a new way. Remind the children that when Jesus went up the Holy Spirit came down. Use sticky tac to stick the ‘Holy Spirit arrow’ next to the verse. The Holy Spirit came down to be with people on earth. 

The Bible teaches that the ‘new way’ meant that the Holy Spirit would no longer just empower a few people; he would come and live in Christians and be with them all the time. Christians believe that the Holy Spirit is now with them wherever they are and whatever they are doing.  Explain that, a bit like the wind, people cannot see the Holy Spirit but Christians believe he is with them everyday, everywhere.

Ask the children why they think it is important that the Holy Spirit is with Christians. Listen to the children's answers and respond positively. Explain that the Holy Spirit still helps people do things they cannot do on their own - today the Holy Spirit helps people live God's way. 

Briefly explain that Christians believe that living God's way is the greatest way they could possibly live. Christians believe it feels right to live God's way because they believe it's the way they were created to live. Living God's way is about two main things: loving God and loving others (draw two hearts next to the verse). However the Bible teaches that without God's help it is impossible for people to live his way - it’s just too difficult, people keep making mistakes and getting things wrong. In fact there is only one person who has lived God’s way day after day – that person is Jesus. When Jesus lived on earth he never did anything wrong; he always lived in a way that pleased God. Jesus always loved God (circle the first heart) and always loved others (circle the second heart). The Bible teaches that Jesus showed people the perfect way to live.

So how do Christians live God's way? The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit helps Christians, he helps them to become more like Jesus. Christians understand that by learning and growing to be like Jesus they will learn and grow to live God's way. 

Spend some time talking about how the Holy Spirit helps Christians. Christians believe the Holy Spirit comes alongside to teach and guide. They believe the Holy Spirit works in their lives changing them from the inside-out to become more and more like Jesus; to be more peaceful, patient and kind. As the Holy Spirit helps Christians become more like Jesus, more and more they are able to live God's way.

Christians believe that each day the Holy Spirit helps millions of people around the world become more and more like Jesus so they can learn and grow to live God’s way, the way God created them to live.

Talk to the children about the game they have just played. Ask the children if they found it easy or difficult to keep the coin/tape rolling along the strip. Remind the children that the coin rolled along the tape to start with but soon it began to roll away. Explain that this is a bit like people trying to live God's way on their own, they start off on the right track but after a while they make mistakes and get things wrong... and soon they are no longer perfectly living God's way. 

Roll the coin along the strip of tape again. This time place your hands alongside the coin and gently tap it to keep it travelling along the strip. If it rolls away or falls over pick it up and place it back on the strip and begin rolling it again. Explain that God the Holy Spirit comes along side Christians to help them live God’s way. He changes and guides them to be more like Jesus - it’s as if the Holy Spirit helps Christians to keep travelling along the right path. If Christians make a mistake they can say sorry to God, he will forgive them and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, they can carry on living his way.

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