‘The Lord is great and deserves all our praise! No one can fully understand his greatness!’ Psalm 145:3

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Week 2 objectives: to discuss what the word ‘great’ means and think about God being greater than anybody or anything.

Game - 7 mins
Aims: to place things in order of size and begin to think about things being bigger or smaller.

You will need: masking tape, old envelopes and ‘in order’ textboxes (see Printables).

Before the session print and cut out the ‘in order’ text boxes. Put the text boxes into the envelopes, keeping them in their sets. Stick a long strip of masking tape to the floor. 

Give everybody a textbox with a number written on it and ask them to line up in order of smallest to largest number along the strip of tape. You could make it even more challenging and ask the children to line up without speaking to one another. Check that the children are in the correct order then hand out the animal/creature textboxes. Ask the children to line up along the tape again, this time in order of size of the animal/creature i.e. starting with the smallest creature and ending with the biggest. Finally give everybody the name of something they might find around the house and encourage them to line up in order of the smallest to the biggest. If you think it would be easier for your group, nominate a couple of children to be ‘organisers’ to help the other children to get into the correct order.

 If you would like to make your own ‘in order’ textboxes use the blank textboxes (see Printables CD). You could make the game more pictorial by cutting out pictures from a catalogue and sticking them to the boxes. Ask the children to line up in order of size or value.

Talk about - 6 mins
You will need: a large sheet of paper or a whiteboard, Bibles and marker pens. 
Write the verse on the sheet of paper or whiteboard.

Read the verse aloud and explain that this verse will help us understand more about praising God. Point to the word ‘praise’. Remind the children that to praise God means to thank him and tell him he is fantastic. Point to the reference. Remind the children that this verse comes from the book of Psalms. Quickly show the book of Psalms in a Bible. Remind the children that King David wrote Psalm 145.        

Underline the word ‘great’ in the verse. Ask the children if they know what the word ‘great’ means. Perhaps think of words that have a similar meaning. Respond positively to the children’s answers. Suggest words such as ‘important’, or ‘wonderful’. Talk about how a great person is often called ‘great’ because of something important they have done. Encourage the children to think of some people that we might describe as great. You could have some pictures to show the children from the internet but be aware of copyright restrictions.

Ask the children why they think David described God as great in Psalm 145. Explain that David knew that God is greater than anything or anybody. Remind the children that in the game they put things in order. Explain that if everybody’s name was written down on a long list in order of greatness God’s name would be at the very, very top of the list because he is the greatest; he always has been the greatest and always will be. 

If you have time…
Encourage the children to think about some of the great things that God has done. Draw a simple picture of the world next to the verse. Talk about God creating the world. Talk about God loving the world so much that he sent Jesus to live with people. Remind the children that Jesus is God the Son. When Jesus lived among people he did great things: he came to show what God is like, to teach people how to live and make a way for everybody, everywhere to become close friends with God. Jesus healed the sick, fed the hungry and comforted the poor.

 Ask the children what they think is the greatest thing Jesus did on earth? Talk about Jesus dying on the cross then, three days later, God raising him back to life. Ask the children why Jesus’ death and resurrection is so important. Remind the children that Christians believe that because Jesus lived, died and rose again everybody, everywhere can now say ‘Yes’ to God's love and forgiveness and become close friends with him.

Song  - 2 mins
To the tune: ‘Amazing Grace’
    The Lord is great, deserves our praise,
    Psalm one four five, verse three,
    No one can fully understand
    How great, how great is he.

When you say ‘great’ do a thumbs-up sign.
When you say ‘praise’ lift your hands in the air.
When you say ‘one’ tap the index finger of your right hand against the palm of your left, ‘four’ tap four fingers against your palm and so on.
When you say ‘he’ point to the sky.


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