3 & 4 - Tempting fruit & Paradise lost


15 minute Story planner

Genesis 3
The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories by Mary Batchelor, pages 13 - 14

After reading the story 'Paradise lost', you might want to remind the children that all those years ago God had a plan to put things right. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit in the garden their friendship with God was spoilt. The wrong thing they had done separated them from God. The Bible calls the wrong things people do ‘sin’. The sin crept into the lives of Adam and Eve and began to change them. Adam and Eve were sad. God was sad. But God had a plan. Disobedience had spoilt his creation but he would put things right. His plan was to send his Son Jesus to live with people. The Bible teaches that because Jesus lived, died and rose again everybody everywhere can now say ‘Yes’ to God's love and forgiveness and become close friends with him. 

1. Setting the scene  - 2 mins 
Find the Old Testament section in a Bible.
Show and talk about 'The Old Testament FlashCards' card one. 

2. Starter question - 1 min
What's your favourite kind of fruit? Perhaps you enjoy biting into a crisp green apple or a juicy plum, or maybe you like sweet strawberries or blackberries in a warm pudding.  Fruit is very good for us and we are encouraged to eat some every day. The Bible teaches that in the very beginning when God made the world he gave Adam and Eve a beautiful garden to live in. The garden was full of plants and trees and the trees were laden with fresh fruit. Adam and Eve were allowed to eat the fruit freely, however they were not allowed to eat the fruit from every tree.  'Do not eat the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden,' said God. 'Do not eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.' 

3. Tell the story with props - 4 mins
Beware of allergies make sure it is safe for the children in your group to handle the food used in this activity.

  • ‘Sin word’ graphic (see Printables)

  • A toy snake

  • ‘Did God really say…?’ speech bubble (see Printables)

  • An apple

  • ‘Where are you, Adam?’ speech bubble (see Printables)

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4. Story activity - 6 mins
Option 1 - Enjoy the puzzles in this week's Dead Sea Comic Caper (see Printables)

Option 2 -  Fun with fruit
Beware of allergies make sure it is safe for the children in your group to handle the food used in this activity.
You will need: two ripe bananas, a toothpick, two lemons, baking soda, washing-up liquid, a sharp knife*, a measuring spoon, a citrus juicer, a clear plastic cup, two different fruit drinks with varying amounts of sugar (we used orange juice and diluted no added sugar blackcurrant squash),a desert spoon, a see-through plastic cup a spoon and a jug

*Keep knives out of the reach of children

How to make citrus suds:
1. Cut the lemon in half (an adult should do this) and carefully squeeze out the juice using the citrus juicer. 
2. Place one tablespoon of baking soda in the clear cup.
3. Add one teaspoon of washing-up liquid to the baking soda and stir it a little. 
4. Pour the lemon juice into the cup and stir. Watch the citrus suds fizz.

Make sure the children understand that they must not drink the fizzy mixture. You might like to explain to the children that as the acidic lemon juice reacts with the baking soda, carbon dioxide is released which causes the liquid soap to froth and foam. 

How to slice a banana in it's skin:
Before the session prepare the banana by following steps these four steps:
1. Carefully push a toothpick through the skin of the banana and into the fruit inside. You want the toothpick to reach the skin on the other side but don't push it right through. 
2. Gently move the toothpick from side to side - try not to break the toothpick or make the hole in the skin any bigger. As the toothpick moves backwards and forwards you will be slicing the banana inside the skin. 
3. Remove the toothpick and reinsert it five or six centimetres below the first hole. Repeat step two.
4. Keep making holes and slicing the banana with the toothpick until you reach the bottom of the banana. 

During the session peel the banana to show that it is already sliced! Demonstrate how this was done by slicing the second banana in the same way following steps one to four.

How to make a layered fruit drink:
Before the session dilute the squash to a normal concentration. 


1. Pour orange juice into the cup until the cup is approximately half full. 
2. Slowly spoon sugar free squash into the cup.
3. The squash should form a layer on top of the orange juice.

Explain that the drinks form layers because the orange juice is more sugary than the squash.

5. Reflective prayer - 2 mins  
Father God, thank you that when Adam and Eve disobeyed you in the garden you did not give up on mankind. Thank you that all those years ago you had a plan.

Father we now know that your plan was to send your Son Jesus. Thank you that 2,000 years ago Jesus came to earth to show what you are like, to teach people how to live and to make a way for everybody everywhere to become close friends with you.

Thank you Father God, that because Jesus lived, died and rose again everybody everywhere can now say ‘Yes’ to your love and forgiveness and become close friends with you.  Amen

Alongside this story, make a craft...

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