61, (63, 64) & 65 - God's mountain, The Ten Commandments & The Agreement


15 minute Story planner

Exodus 19, 20 and 24
The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories by Mary Batchelor pages 76, (77, 78, 80) and 81
Read story number 61, the final paragraphs of 63 and 64, before reading story number 65 starting at the second paragraph. Explain to the children that a covenant is an agreement.

‘The blue pavement’ see Printables

The craft suggested for this story relates to the ‘blue (sapphire) pavement’ described in Exodus 24: 10. As this is not mentioned in The Children's Bible in 365 stories ask one of the older children to find the verse and read it aloud. 

1. Setting the scene  - 2 mins 
Find the Old Testament section in a Bible.
Show and talk about 'The Old Testament FlashCards' cards one to four

2. Starter question - 1 min  
Have you ever climbed a mountain or a very steep hill? What do you think climbers see when they reach the top of high mountains? Rocks? More mountains? Perhaps a beautiful view?

3. Tell the story with props - 4 mins

  • Pictures of mountains possibly from a library book or the internet (beware of copyright regulations)

  • The Ten Commandments text boxes (see Printables)

  • Cardboard ‘stone tablets’ (see Printables)

If you are telling the story from the Printables you will also need:

  • ‘Sin’ word graphic (see Printables)

  • A large piece of blue fabric

Click on the images at the beginning of this post for more resources from the web

4. Story activity - 6 mins
Option 1 - Enjoy the puzzles in this week’s Dead Sea Comic Caper (see Printables)

Option 2 - Create a different setting for telling the story
You will need: a gazebo, pieces of fabric, cushions, large sheets of paper, thick pens and the props listed above

1. Set up a gazebo in your teaching space. Make it feel like a tent by hanging material around two of its sides. Put cushions and blankets inside the gazebo to make it a comfortable place to sit. 
2. Stick a large piece of paper vertically to the wall of your teaching space. On the paper draw a high mountain. On a second piece of paper draw a large cloud and stick it next to the ‘mountain’.
3. Sit under the gazebo and place the props on a piece of fabric. Before you tell the story talk through the different props explaining what each represents in the story. Discuss with the children any experiences they may have had of climbing mountains or hill walking.

5. Reflective prayer - 2 mins  
Father God thank you that all those years ago you gave your law to Moses. Thank you that today your Commandments still teach us about your way of living.  

Thank you that with your love and forgiveness and the powerful help of the Holy Spirit we can learn and grow to live your way; thank you that with your help we can learn and grow to follow your commandments.  Amen.

Alongside this story, make the craft...

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