215 - Silent sermons


15 minute Story planner

Ezekiel 3 - 5
The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories by Mary Batchelor page 247
‘Ezekiel and the Judeans’ see Printables 

1. Setting the scene  - 2 mins 
Find the Old Testament section in a Bible.
Show and talk about 'The Old Testament FlashCards' cards one to eight

2. Starter question - 1 min  
Can you remember the last time you had your hair cut? What do you think hairdressers do with the hair that lands on the floor?  Do you think they burn it in a fire? Or perhaps throw it up into the air and let the wind blow it away? Or do you think they take little handfuls and tuck it into their pockets?

3. Tell the story with props - 4 mins
Beware of allergies - make sure it is safe for the children in your group to handle the food used in this activity.

  • A historical map showing Israel, Judea and Babylon
  • A piece of air-drying clay rolled flat, or a polystyrene plate
  • A blunt pencil for scratching a picture on the clay or plate
  • A storage jar full of beans and pulses
  • A set of kitchen scales
  • A cup and a jug of water
  • Black or brown wool cut into 7 cm lengths
  • A toy sword

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4. Story activity - 6 mins
Option 1 - Enjoy the puzzles in this weeks Dead Sea Comic Caper (see Printables)

Option 2 - Acting part of the story
You will need: The props listed above

1. Invite volunteers to demonstrate Ezekiel’s dramatic prophecies.
2. Choose one person for the first part of the message, a second person for the second part etc.
3. After each part has been demonstrated encourage the remaining children to call out the following rhyme: 

Is Ezekiel crazy?
Is Ezekiel mad?
He’s telling us God’s cross with us
He’s making us feel bad!

5. Reflective prayer - 2 mins  
Father God we remember Ezekiel's message to the Israelites that one day the city of Jerusalem would be rebuilt and your people would return home to worship you in their own land once more. Father we imagine what it felt like to hear such good news.  

Father thank you there is good news for each of us today too. Thank you that because Jesus lived, died and rose again everybody, everywhere can say 'Yes' to your love and forgiveness and become close friends with you. Amen.

Alongside this story, make the craft...

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