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Acts 24-28
The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories by Mary Batchelor page 403-405
‘Paul, the island and the snake’ see Printables


Setting the scene and Starter question_3 mins 
Find the New Testament section in a Bible.
Show and talk about ‘The Early Church FlashCards’ cards one to nine . 

Question: Have you ever got cold and wet on a rainy day? Have you stood outside until rain seeped through your clothes and dripped off the end of your cold nose? 


Tell the story with props_4 mins
Click on the images at the beginning of this post to download more web resources

  • A map of Paul’s journey to Rome (You could use FlashCard number eight of the Early Church set)
  • A toy boat 
  • A bundle of sticks
  • ‘How to make a tie snake’ instructions and template (see Printables)

Story Activity_6 mins
Option 1_Enjoy the puzzles in this weeks Dead Sea Comic Caper (see Printables)

Option 2_A game of ‘Snakes and Rope’
You will need: a dice, masking tape, three or four old ties, kitchen tissue paper, snake tongue and eyes (see Printables), PVA glue, pots and brushes three or four pieces of cord cut to various lengths (between 10 cm and 50 cm), ‘How to set up and play a game of Snakes and Ropes’ instructions (see Printables), enough counters for one per team (you could use plastic plates or up-turned cups) and ‘a list of questions’ (see Printables).



1.  Make three or four  tie snakes by stuffing kitchen tissue paper inside the ties. Stick two eyes and a tongue to the wide end of the stuffed tie.
2. Tell the story using the props then play a game of Snakes and Ropes. 

Option 3_ If you have a ‘Healing on the Streets’ ministry in your area you could ask somebody from the team to come and talk to the children about their experiences of praying for people. Relate their experience back to Paul praying for people on the island. Make sure you comply with your church’s Policies and Procedures when inviting guests to speak to the children. 



Reflective prayer_2 mins  

Father God, we imagine the terrible storm that tossed the ship to and fro. We imagine the travellers' great relief as they crawled onto the shore of the island. Father we thank You that You looked after all those aboard that boat. 

Father we remember the great kindness of the islanders who welcomed the travellers. Father help us to be kind and generous to those who we see are in trouble. Thank You that as the islanders helped the travellers they too were helped. We remember that Paul was able to tell them the great news of Jesus and then pray for all those who were unwell.  

Father we think about Paul's travelling companions; we imagine not only their great relief but their amazement at seeing Paul unharmed by the snake. Thank You that as Your Holy Spirit works in and through the lives of Christians, people close by get to see You at work. Amen

With younger children, or during a shorter session you may wish to select just one or two phrases from the reflective prayer.


357 & 358_Craft planner


A snake sandwich


Beware of allergies – make sure it is safe for the children in your group to taste and handle the food used in this activity.

You will need:
A French baguette
Dinner knives
Sandwich fillings: cheese, ham, cucumber, tomato, mayonnaise, salami, cheese spread, lettuce.
A large board or baking tray (if you have neither use baking foil)
A bread knife*
Olives or grapes
Red and yellow peppers cut into thin slices

*Make sure all sharp knives are placed out of the children's reach during the session.

How to prepare:
Before the session clean the surfaces in your teaching area and cut the French baguette in half length ways. 

How to make a snake sandwich:
1. Encourage the children to wash their hands.
2. Working together place a variety of sandwich fillers on the bottom half of the cut French baguette.
3. Close the sandwich by placing the top half on top of the fillers. 
4. At one end of the giant sandwich place two olive slices for eyes. (Use grapes if you prefer.)
5. Make a ‘forked tongue’ out of a slice of red pepper and place it at the head end of the snake.
6. Decorate the snake’s back with thin slices of pepper.


An alternative edible snake


Beware of allergies – make sure it is safe for the children in your group to taste and handle the food used in this activity.

You will need: 
Individual brioche rolls*
Water icing - made from icing sugar and water mixed to a spreadable consistency (add the water slowly to avoid making the icing too runny)  
Cake sprinkles and small sweets for decorating
Two larger sweets and raisins for the snake's eyes
A short length of strawberry shoe lace for the snake's tongue
A large board or baking tray (if you have neither use baking foil)
Dinner knives

*for a dairy-free, gluten-free alternative use specially prepared bread rolls

How to prepare: 
Clean the surfaces in your teaching area.

How to make an edible snake: 
1.     Encourage the children to wash their hands.
2.     Give each child a roll. Encourage the children to cover their roll with water icing. 
3.      On the board or baking tray, place all the rolls end-to-end to look like a snake's body.
4.     Help the children to decorate the snake with sprinkles and small sweets.
5.    Position the two larger sweets and strawberry shoe lace at one end of the snake to look like it's eyes and tongue.


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