The five year curriculum

Year 1

Curriculum chart cropped Stories only.png
Curriculum chart cropped Stories only.png
Curriculum chart cropped Stories only.png

Stories from the Old Testament lead to the Nativity at Christmas and every spring a selection of stories from the Life of Jesus lead up to the Passion story at Easter. Children then hear stories from the period of the Early Church before the start of the next year’s programme.

To find out more about our Story Planners click here.

The Christian topics programme

To help young people dig deep into topics central to the Christian faith we’ve selected over forty relevant Bible verses. By playing games based on these verses children take a look at 12 Christian topics including ‘Prayer’, ‘The Holy Spirit’ and ‘Telling Others’.

Because we suggest children revisit the same topics each year, exploring them through a new set of relevant Bible verses, we call our topics programme Re:verse. 

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To find out more about our Re:verse Planners click here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Teaching the curriculum

A typical Bible Curriculum session uses resources from both our story programme and our Re:verse programme. Because there is no planned correlation between the two programmes the children cover two 'lessons' in one session.  It's a bit like a having a numeracy lesson followed by a literacy lesson.

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For forty five minute sessions

We think it takes about 45 minutes to tell a story, make one of our crafts and play one of our Re:verse games

Because each activity takes around 15 minutes, we suggest dividing a 45 minute session into three sections...


15 minutes story-telling 

15 minutes craft-making*

15 minutes game-playing with a brief look at this months Bible verse and Re:verse topic.  

*The craft activity always relates to the story, we believe take-home crafts help stories stick!

To deliver our resources using a work-shop style model take a look at Carousel

For sessions that are less than forty five minutes...

For sessions less than 45 minutes we suggest simply following the Bible Story programme, working through the Bible stories chronologically and making take-home crafts.

Alternatively you could just follow the Re:verse programme and take a look at a new Christian topic each month - this would be ideal for a youth group or a lunchtime club.