Story planner          with craft


 Luke 1

240_Journey to the hills

 Luke 2

The Christmas poem

Luke 2

244_The Shepherds' story  

Matt 2

245,246_Where is the Prince and presents fit for a King  

Matt 3

250_Jesus is baptised  

Luke 4


Mark 1

257_Jesus makes people well  

Mark 2 

266_Four friends find a way  

 Matt 5

281_Salt and Light

Mk 6; Matt 14; Jn 6

283_Walking on water  

Matt 18

301_The man who would not forgive  

 Luke 10

314_What matters most

 Luke 15

288_The lost sons

 Mark 9

280_Who is the most important

  John 12

317_A present for Jesus

Mark 11; John 12

318_The big procession  

 Mark 11

319_Jesus in the Temple

Matt 25

310_The wise and foolish girls 

 Mk 15; Lk 23; Jn 19

330-332_Jesus stand trial and on the cross (A wooden cross)

John 20

333_He is alive!  (An Easter wreath)

John 21

336_'Do you love Me?'  

Acts 1

337_Home to Heaven (A hanging cloud)