The Old Testament 

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Gen 1

1_God makes the world.

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Gen 3

3,4_Tempting fruit and Paradise lost.

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Gen 11

11_The sky's the limit.

Gen 28

27_Jacob's dream

Gen 28-29

28_The trickster tricked

Gen 37

31,32_Joseph: part 1

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Gen 37

33,34_Joseph: part 2

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Gen 37-40

35,37_Joseph: part 3

Gen 41

38,39_Joseph: part 4

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Gen 42-43

40,41_Joseph: part 5

Gen 44-46

42,43_Joseph: part 6

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Ex 3-4

48_ God calls Moses.


Ex 7-10;12

50,53_Frogs,flies + hail... Goodbye

Ex 13:17-22

54_ God leads the way.


Ex 17:8-16

59_ 'Hands up, Moses!' 


Ex 19-24

61, 65_ God's mountain and The Agreement.


Ex 25-31

66_God's special tent

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74_Moses says goodbye.


Josh 5-66th

79, 80_Strange orders and walls fall down. 





Eze 3-5

215_Silent sermons  


Ezra 2-3;5-6

218,219_Building begins and the new Temple  



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